Are Brooks Saddles Worth It?

Posted by adbrad on July 28, 2010 with 0 Comments

A lot of people are hesitant to believe a Brooks Saddle is worth the price and the break-in time. If you ride my Brooks, you’ll like it. But if you ride your own Brooks, you’ll love it. Brooks leather saddles are made for years of use and thousands of miles. Padded saddles are the opposite experience. The more you use a padded saddle, the more worn out it gets and loses its padding. The more you ride a Brooks, the more worn in it gets. It matches your riding style and the position you ride in. Brooks leather saddles are suspension-based, rather than padding-based, so the floating feeling of riding a Brooks comes from the tension of the leather.

Brooks saddles are not cheap either. A typical padded saddle might last you a few years if you ride once a week. But for commuters like me, nothing beats the durability of a Brooks. I have a Brooks on my bike that I’ve had for about a year now. Last summer I rode around 10 miles a day. During the school year I’d ride around 6-7 per day. So those miles pile up and put a lot of wear on a saddle. Now, when I put my old seat on, (Notice a Brooks is a saddle. A racing seat is just a seat.) it feel like riding on a metal spike. Such a difference riding a suspension saddle.

I highly recommend riding a Brooks. It’s expensive ($100-200 depending on the model), but a classic B17 Brooks will last you 10 years of daily commuting and will only get better over time.

Lots of people discount the Brooks as being a hipster trend. You know what else is a hipster trend? Vinyl records. Ask any audiophile and they’ll tell you. It’s about history and quality, not just a trend. Buy Brooks. Buy vinyl. Buy local.

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