Plans for Device in the Credits of Speed Racer Finally Discovered

There has been much speculation over the years as to what the machine everyone rode on at the end of Speed Racer cartoons was. We’re still quite uncertain as to what good that device was for. But scientists are well on their way to discovering the point of that absurd escapade, now that the original plans have been unearthed. Found in the basement of an old Japanese animation studio, these plans don’t really point to a real use for the device other than to make the end of the cartoon a bit more interesting. And boy did it work. Pops Racer had some interesting responses to its discovery:

We didn’t even know what it was for. Eeeerrrrghghhghh. We, uh, didn’t really care. We were getting paid for it. And we didn’t even have to use words. We could just open and close our mouths when they turned the light on. Do you think we cared what the machine was originally for? I for one didn’t.

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