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Welcome to Classen

Welcome to Classen, a child theme for iThemes Builder. Browse around the demo and check out a few of the layouts you can create with Builder. But remember that with Builder, you can create as many layouts however you want. You’re not limited to the ones shown here. Get creative with your own!

This theme uses a cool new blog meta area we’ve never tried before. Your featured image, date, author info and gravatar, categories and comment count are pulled out to the left here. We think it’s pretty cool for a blog. And it still looks pretty great if you don’t have a featured image, so your older posts that might not have them won’t look weird.

There are two different widget styles in this one. Both the content sidebars and widget bars have the option to use the dark blue background and the white background. Check out the sites other layouts to see all the options in action.

So take a look around, and if you like what you see, remember, this theme, along with a host of others (25 as I’m writing this), comes included when you buy Builder. So go get it. We think it’s pretty awesome. It makes creating your layouts quick and easy without code. And child themes like this one give your layouts a cool style to build on.

Shaving Like A Man

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Check out Put This On, an awesome video podcast about men’s fashion and living like a gentleman. Entertaining and enriching content.


Spring Essentials: Red Chambray Utility Shirt

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