How to Use Blockquotes for Blogging.

People have great things to say about iThemes. Here is a sample of our customer testimonials:

Response time? Most other places don’t even provide a shred of support.  You guys have are on this like white or brown, as it were, on rice!  I don’t mean to gush but for the price of your themes, the quality and the support, it’s got one of the best values on the interweb.  Not to mention the community here helps others with questions, provides solutions for common needs and problems.  You’ve just hit a homer here.  It’s very impressive. –Rob Saxe

Just to show off how blockquotes work within blockquotes, here is another fine sample of our customer feedback:

“I would just like to say that I am VERY happy with your themes. They are well developed, professional looking, and meet my needs. I looked a long time through all the different free themes, and although some of them are nice looking, they are basically just a blog. I wanted something a bit unique, where I could showcase products or pictures, evaluate products in a review site, and also do all of this without having to build it myself. The other premium (pay) themes by other companies range from ok to good, but I think that yours are great. Plus, your video tutorials and forum make it very easy to get help and ask questions. These last two points are what convinced me to buy Essence and iCompany.

“Your themes rock! Before I’ve had to make things in Photoshop and send them to a programmer to code the html for the website, but now I can do it all myself. Good stuff.” –Steve C

I am using both now and am very happy. In the next month or so I plan to buy one of the photo gallery themes too. For any person considering the purchase of these themes, you really should do it. After 8 months of looking through thousands of wordpress themes, I think the iThemes are the best. If you want to see what iCompany looks like in action (and not look at the test drive model), my site is Thanks iThemes team! –Don C.

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